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Life has purpose.

April 26, 2020

You pray for a kind of peace inside. That peace evolves in direct proportion to the dissolution of absolute fear. The sense of peace never thrives within the garden of fear. Peace only grows when the soil supports, enriches, and affirms the value of all.

You worry also about your own survival during the coronavirus pandemic. You will survive, but all of you will be changed. This does not mean specifically a physical change but a change in spirit, a change in the perceptions of love, a change in the perceptions of community. Survival is growth; it is not termination. The spirit grows and continues to grow. There is no real death; there is an exchange of energies. That exchange is a form of growth. The energy of spirit is transformed regardless of whether that spirit exists in physical or beyond the physical realm. You will all continue to grow, to find strength, and to be strengthened through the love and support of others.

You are given human life for a purpose, and that purpose is not self-preservation but rather to enforce the presence of spirit. Human life is part of the journey, but it is not the entire journey. Yes, there will be loss, there will be sadness, but that loss and sadness serves to strengthen you, and it also serves to strengthen the souls of others. As you experience loss, you will be supported. You will be given love. You will be offered strength. That support, love, and strength will serve to increase your capacity to be loving.

Life has purpose.
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