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Powerful leaders identify with “we.”

March 10, 2019

The crisis you feel exists in the world is a crisis of connection. One country does not reach out to another because it is in the best interest of one entity. That is not seeing with the heart. Seeing with the heart is when a nation realizes that in a most profound and meaningful sense, there are no borders, that how you respond to others is how you are responding to yourself. If one nation is truly concerned for what is best for another nation, it can only be justified when one nation realizes what is best for all. There are no borders.

You wonder about ethnic conflict, religious conflict, political, social, and economic conflict. Those each describe borders. Remove the borders, and all shall benefit.

In this current time within which you function as human beings, you cannot destroy the sense of borders. You cannot fully eliminate the difference between “them” and “you” in order to exist only as “we,” but you can work toward that objective. The leader who’s most powerful is the one who is closest aligned to “we” inclusively and not “we versus you.” It is a fundamental difficulty that nations express that they are concerned about whatever is in their best interest, for that merely serves to raise the barrier that separates one side of the border from another. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing when all benefit, and if all do not benefit, then much is lost.

Powerful leaders identify with “we.”
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