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Seeing with your heart.

May 12, 2019

You don’t find God in a vacuum. You don’t find God in a mathematical equation. You don’t find God in a chemical reaction. You don’t find God in music or art, photography, drama, literature, philosophy. Those activities can, however, help you recognize the God that is there when you first accept the essential connection that binds you all together. It is a connection you must feel. It is not merely acknowledged. It must be felt internally and must become so strong that you actually become what it is that you recognize. It is not sufficient to talk about connection. You must feel it and then become it. And it is in the becoming that you truly see with the heart.

The heart is not an intellectual pursuit. It is not something that you can describe in philosophical terms, but rather it is a feeling. It is a sense of commitment to the connection you have with all. You can see nature through your heart, for you become fully aware of your connection to nature. You see another human being with your heart when you truly become the connection that binds you to another. It is therefore the becoming of connection that we refer to as seeing with the heart. It is becoming the compassion and not just the expression of it. You become compassionate. You become truly the love that is at the core of being loving. Seek to hold the hands of those on your path so that each of you can become the connection. You are blessed in your efforts to see with the heart.

Seeing with your heart.
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