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Single entity of spirit.

April 29, 2020

The nations, territories, and provinces that exist are made by human beings as a way of self-identity. You are in no way separated from one another, for you are finding a common experience in the lives of all human beings. It is this common experience that actually serves to emphasize what you really are as a single entity of spirit. You are in your ways even more aware of your commonality than you were before this coronavirus crisis. Indeed, it is through this mutual sharing that you will find a closer bond to all others.

It is not God who creates this terror. It is not God who causes such illness to wreak havoc around the world. Of course, it all belongs to what God has created, but even when considering the elements of life that are negative in their impact, you can find inner strength. It is in consideration of this that such strength of spirit and exercises of faith become a bond. It is the unifier and ultimately points to what is good in human existence.

Single entity of spirit.
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