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The soul has no boundaries.

November 1, 2015

Life is a process. It is not an end product, and it certainly can never be seen as a beginning. Your life is a chapter in the story. These chapters have an arc to them. They lead toward an objective, and they proceed from an objective. You experience your story in your own particular way, but the protagonist for each story is spiritual energy. The protagonist is the light of God as embodied in your spirit center. Each person has a different protagonist, and for each protagonist there are different needs, different strengths, and different characters.

But the final chapter of all human life is a common union with the center of creation that is Love. How that story plays out differs for everyone, but each story finds its resolution with God. There is no story that ends in failure. There is no story that ends in dissolution. The final chapters to these stories are always filled with reconciliation, humility, and love.

The protagonist for each story is the spirit center, and that spirit center consists of the soul, as you refer to it, but the soul has no boundaries. The soul is neither limited to being found within an individual or beyond an individual. Your soul is indeed everywhere. That presence is constant.

If your soul is everywhere, then it cannot be removed from one location to exist in another location. The soul is associated or attached to your human existence, but that is an attachment of identity, not location. Because your soul has no boundaries, the principle of location has no meaning.

The capabilities of the soul are analogous to the properties of thought. Your thoughts can take you anywhere in your life’s experiences. Your thoughts can take you anywhere including what you have never experienced. Your thoughts can take you not only to locations but to conditions, to experiences, to understandings, but that does not mean that in such wanderings in thought you somehow leave your physical place.

It is that way with the spirit, with your individual spirit center, your soul. It is the nature of spirit to be everywhere, and one could say to be nowhere. Nowhere does not mean it doesn’t exist, but rather that its existence is not dependent upon a place, the “where.” There is no place for the soul. There is only attachment of the soul. Your soul contains many forms of energy, the ultimate goal being the exercise of loving presence.

The soul has no boundaries.
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