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Travel along surface of stream.

May 5, 2019

You are part of a stream, and it is God’s hope for you to travel along the surface of that stream being buoyed by its energy, carried along to ultimate fulfillment. When you live in opposition to the flow of God in creation, you are no longer buoyed by God’s presence, and you falter and suffer in conflict to what God has created. If you are to allow your soul to evolve as it is meant to do, you must capture the flow of God’s light and energy, being willing to let yourself go and be carried by it. This is not meant as an exercise in symbolism, but it’s intended to encourage you to be open as much as possible to the movement of God’s love throughout the world, be it between you and nature or between you and others. This flow is a natural energy, and it is for you to find it and to stay with it as long as possible.

Travel along surface of stream.
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