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Walls hinder loving power.

January 14, 2018

You are indeed one; you are not a collection of individuals. More importantly, you are not an assembly of humans considered separate from all else that has been created. Each human has a soul, but that fact does not separate you from all that has been created. You have been created through the loving hand of God as has all else of which you are aware. Your acknowledgment of this can serve to strengthen your sense of connectedness with all that exists.

To the extent that you live your life in harmony with creation, you are enhancing and giving meaning to what God has made. To the extent that you treat others with love, patience, respect, and compassion, you are enhancing and giving meaning to human life. But when you set yourself apart, either from nature or humankind, setting up walls, defining yourself in terms of what you are and they aren’t, you hinder the loving power that belongs to creativity and creation and creatures. You then stand in opposition to the creative force of God.

Walls hinder loving power.
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