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You live to be transformed.

May 19, 2019

You live to be transformed.
You live not to prevail but to change.
You live not to take but to give.
You live not to absorb but to reflect.
You live not to destroy but to create. You live not to hate but to love.
You live not to be guided by fear but directed by faith, by a belief, a conviction, a commitment.

When you work to substitute faith for fear, you are giving your pattern in the tapestry of God’s creation its color, its vibrancy. The light you emit is intended to be brilliant, untarnished, and filled with a warmth that illuminates your path and lifts the burdens from others. Your pattern is destined always to be occupied with light. It is true for all human beings. All humans ultimately become the light of their own destiny. Every human being has a different light, and for each one that particular light changes, evolves, and is transformed.

You live to be transformed.
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